Industrial Manufacturing Capabilities:

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Industrial Manufacturing Capabilities: Custom Plastic Injection MoldingITW Medical is a custom molder capable of manufacturing difficult geometries and complex shapes. Our experienced manufacturing staff utilize state-of-the-art technology to meet the customer’s most challenging design demands. ITW Medical maintains flexible manufacturing cells to be proactive and responsive to each customer’s needs.

Flexible Molding Capacity

ITW Medical injection molding presses range from small 10-ton clamping force machines up to large 300-ton clamping force machines. These machines range from vertical to horizontal molding machines for both straight injection molding and insert injection molding. These molding machines also range from hydraulic to all electric machines. They incorporate the latest technology when it comes to control panels and operator interfacing.

ITW uses the latest technology when it comes to pressure control. Cavity pressure transducers are used to help monitor and control the injection process, and sensors are tied into automation for improved quality control.

Post Injection Molding Automation

Post molding automation is a key asset of ITW Medical. Assembly equipment, vision system equipment, and ultrasonic and spin welding equipment help provide more options for our customer base when it comes to assembled components.

Clean Room Manufacturing

ITW Medical includes globally distributed 100,000 Clean Room-certified manufacturing facilities enabling cost-effective delivery of sterile components and devices to meet each customer’s logistics requirements.